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Our mission at Restore Medical Ltd. is to provide a unique solution for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF is one of the leading causes of death and hospitalization, affecting millions worldwide. Patients remain with disabling symptoms despite receiving currently – available optimized medical treatment. To that end we have developed ContraBand™, a novel catheter – delivered implant which aims to improve CHF patients’ quality-of-life and reduce hospital readmission rates.

The Clinical Need

Today, CHF is responsible for 4% of all hospitalizations, more than all forms of cancer combined. It is a debilitating illness which causes extreme fatigue, pulmonary edema and consequent repeat hospitalizations. In the US alone, there are 6 million CHF patients, and this number is rising. Consequently, the global financial burden related to CHF is rising as well, and is currently more than $30B per year.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Leading cause
of mortality

Leading cause of
repeat hospitalizations

debilitating disease


Need for more & better treatment options for failing heart


Enables the Heart to Help Itself

ContraBand™ is an innovative catheter-delivered implant for treatment of patients with left ventricle (LV) failure. By enabling the right ventricle (RV) to buttress the LV, ContraBand™ improves LV ejection fraction, reduces mitral regurgitation and restores favorable ventricular geometry. Currently, there are no approved treatments for this indication, positioning our technology to transform the way CHF patients are treated.
ContraBand™ technology was developed by our team of top clinicians, engineers and high-level specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in development of implantable cardiovascular devices and in bringing these devices to market approval.

Normal LV

Failing LV


Goal: Enable the right ventricle to buttress the left ventricle, and restore favorable ventricular geometry.

ContraBandTM Revolution

A Clinical Game Changer

Restores the anatomical geometry of a failing LV

Simple transcatheter delivery system

Treatment is reversible

Versatile, can be used with other treatment modalities

Relieves symptoms and improves patient quality of life

The Team

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Co-Founder & CMO

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